Chelsea Manning running to abolish ICE, promote universal …

The military whistleblower Chelsea Manning has launched a website outlining her extremely progressive manifesto for the Maryland Democratic Primaries for Senate.

On the Intercepted podcast in April she boldly claimed that the US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (I.C.E) is a deportation taskforce thats carrying out an ethnic cleansing. Her policies outlined on her website certainly dont water-down this rhetoric, promising not to reform but to abolish I.C.E.

She wants to abolish the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC), which acts as an illusion of oversight for the rampant NSA surveillance program, and replace it with a system which relies on district courts and courts of appeal in order to increase transparency and accountability of the massive-scale surveillance of American citizens and foreigners.

When it comes to civil liberties she demands an end to police no-knock warrants and a complete repeal of the Controlled Substances Act with a view to diverting the warchest of the War on Drugs toward drug treatment and rehabilitation. She labels the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights a licence to murder and a get out of jail free card, and demands that officers who kill and injure people should be held to the same standard as any other citizen charged with murder or attempted murder.

On the issue of US healthcare, Manning states that Healthcare shouldnt just be affordable, healthcare should be free, demanding to change the current system by replacing our flawed medical insurance system with universal single payer healthcare, making healthcare free for everyone. No exceptions.

Former soldier Manning has no special favours for the hand that once fed her: she accuses the $696 billion appropriated to the Pentagon for 2018 of being a blank check to the military industrial complex and the US of being a the worlds biggest arms dealer. She specifically calls out the Turkish use of US weapons against the Kurds in Rojava, the Israeli slaughter of Palestinian children and Saudi Arabias wholesale massacre of 20,000 Yemeni civilians as examples of the sins of the US military export racket that she vows to end.

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Chelsea Manning running to abolish ICE, promote universal …

WikiLeaks names new editor-in-chief, replacing Julian Assange | Fox News

WikiLeaks on Wednesday named one-time spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson as its new editor-in-chief, replacing Julian Assange. (Salvatore Di Nolfi/Keystone via AP, file)

WikiLeaks on Wednesday replaced Julian Assange as editor-in-chief with onetime spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson.

The ramifications of the move are unclear.

I condemn the treatment of Julian Assange that leads to my new role, Hrafnsson said, asThe Daily Dotreported, but I welcome the opportunity to secure the continuation of the important work based on WikiLeaks ideals.

The organization was founded and has been led for more than a decade by Assange, but the silver-haired Australian has been isolated in legal limbo at the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012.

WikiLeakstweetedthat Assange will stay on as the groups publisher.

Assange had his communications cut in March by Ecuadors new president, Lenn Moreno, and Wednesdays statement said the 47-year-old ex-hacker remained incommunicado.

WikiLeaks job titles have proven fluid over the years.

Assange has described himself variously as the groups spokesman, publisher and editor.

Hrafnsson, a longtime friend of Assange, said that it remains to be seen whether his change in responsibility will be permanent.

The Dot reported that Hrafnsson is an Icelandic journalist with multiple awards for his work.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Frank Miles is a reporter and editor covering geopolitics, military, crime, technology and sports for His email is

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WikiLeaks names new editor-in-chief, replacing Julian Assange | Fox News

Wikileaks Julian Assange Steps Down. Heres Its New Editor | Fortune

Julian Assange founded WikiLeaks in 2006 and has served as its editor in chief ever sinceuntil now. On Thursday, WikiLeaks said on Twitter it has a new top editor, Kristinn Hrafnsson.

Wikileaks came to attention in 2010 when the site published a series of leaked documents concerning the U.S. militarys actions in Afghanistan and Iraq. That same year, Assange faced an international arrest warrant concerning allegations of rape and sexual assault in Sweden.

Two years later, Ecuador granted Assange asylum in its London embassy. But it seems the embassy has cut Assange off from any online communications since March. To cope, Assange has handed off editorial responsibilities of WikiLeaks to Hrafnsson.

WikiLeaks tweeted the change that lamented Assanges detention in the Ecuadorian embassy, while praising Hrafnsson as an Icelandic investigative journalist selected in 2010 as Icelandic journalist of the year (his third award). Hrafnsson has served as a WikiLeaks spokesperson from 2010 to 2016, when he began to oversee certain, unspecified projects for Wikileaks.

In 2009, Hrafnsson was reportedly dismissed from RV, Icelands national broadcasting service, following his reporting on an Icelandic banks lending record that was leaked to WikiLeaks.

In April, a presidential election in Ecuador threatened to jeopardize Assanges immunity in the London embassy as a conservative candidate vowed to extradite him to the U.S. Instead, the vote went to a candidate friendly to Assanges plight, although the restrictions on internet access have kept him from overseeing WikiLeaks on a daily basis.

During the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Assange fell under growing suspicion that he has been acting as an agent of the Russian government, including by releasing emails damaging to the Hillary Clinton campaign during the election.

In 2017, in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, Hrafnsson told reporters he wasnt WikiLeaks spokesperson anymore. Being on the road for six years gets pretty tiring, he told the AP.

In an interview Thursday with the AP, Hranfnsson said it remains to be seen whether his posting as WikiLeaks editor in chief will be temporary or permanent. Assange has fashioned himself as the sites editor, publisher and spokesperson. Whether Hrafnsson will assume other roles beyond editor is also unclear.

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Wikileaks Julian Assange Steps Down. Heres Its New Editor | Fortune

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XBT-Cboe Bitcoin Futures

Chelsea Manning: Lest We Forget – TransGender Friendship Club

I just watched an interview with Nancy Hollander, the lawyer representing Chelsea Manning. In 2013 Manning was sentenced to 35 years in military prison for disclosing classified information to Wikileaks while Manning was working for the United States Military in Iraq. Ms Hollander says the punishment doesnt fit the crime and is leading Chelseas appeal.

If you are not familiar with Chelsea Mannings story, I urge you to read up. I have my own opinions of the crimes shes said to have committed but thats not the focus of my blog. Shes an interesting and valuable human being and worth keeping up with.

In this undated photo provided by the U.S. Army, Pfc. Bradley Manning poses for a photo wearing a wig and lipstick. Manningemailed his militarytherapist the photo with a letter titled, My problem, in which he described his issues with gender identity and his hope that a military career would get rid of it. (AP Photo/U.S. Army)

During the time she served in the ranks she presented as Bradley Manning, a young male soldier. It was during her ordeal of pre-trial torture and shortly after the trial that she was moved to reveal her true gender. It was ironic that in the midst of her confinement she exercised her freedom to be honest, transparent and authentic. She announced her name as Chelsea Elizabeth Manning and so began living her truth.

As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me, Manning says. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female.

According to a memo obtained by USA TODAY, its a first for the Army, Chelsea Manning has been approved for hormone therapy for transition to a woman at the Armys Fort Leavenworth prison.

Chelsea has been confined for 5 years now but she is very active.

Writing in the Guardian last December, Manning set out her view of gender identity as one of the great civil rights issues of modern day.

According to the editor in chief of Guardian US, Katherine Viner, Ms. Manning will write on war, gender and freedom of information.

In addition to being a contributing opinion writer for the Guardian, Chelsea has also given her first full length interview to Cosmopolitan Magazine.

To your kindness-based life.


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Chelsea Manning: Lest We Forget – TransGender Friendship Club

President Obama, Please Save Chelsea Manning chase strangio …

Dear President Obama:

Chelsea Manning is my friend and hero and I am worried she will not survive much longer.

I first met Chelsea on August 22, 2013 the day she announced to the world that she is a transgender woman named Chelsea. By then it had been years since she was first arrested for disclosing classified documents to the news media to expose U.S. government abuses being perpetrated around the world. She had already endured unthinkable nightmares both prior to and during her time in custody including torturous conditions of solitary confinement while detained at Quantico before the start of her trial. But despite all that she had experienced and the terror of the thirty-five year sentence before her, she was still more concerned about the well-being of those who were worried about her than her own needs.

Since that day more than three years ago, I have gotten to know Chelsea as a client, a friend and a human being. Knowing her has made me a better person, a better advocate, and a more engaged citizen of the world.

It is easy to be complacent or give in to your demons. It is easy to see injustice and remain silent. It is easy to fear violence and repress your truth. But Chelsea does not succumb to the easy, instead she fights boldly for what she believes is right and just.

Perhaps even more remarkable than her bravery and brilliance, though, is Chelseas capacity for care and empathy. As lawyer and journalist Glenn Greenwald wrote in his letter of support for her clemency petition:

She is a gift to the world and we are at risk of losing her way too soon.

After six and a half years in custodyalready the longest prison term served by a whistleblower in the history of the United StatesChelsea has applied to you for clemency. She is asking only for time served and a first chance, as she explains in her application, to live my life outside the USDB as the person I was born to be.

This request comes at the peak of Chelseas escalating trauma and despair and on the eve of a new Administrations rise to power. Her life is in your hands.

In the past six months, Chelsea has attempted to end her life twice and been punished for those attempts. Last year she was punished for possessing reading materials like Caitlyn Jenners cover issue of Vanity Fair and an allegedly-expired tube of toothpaste. All this after the pain of serving in the Army for years under both Dont Ask, Dont Tell and the ban on open transgender service. After 11 months in solitary confinement at Quantico. After a childhood of abuse, homelessness, and poverty.

On top of that, with almost three decades left of her sentence, she lives day in and day out with the perpetual reminder that the government is invested in stripping away the core of who she isa woman. If you do not act to free her now, she may never be free to live the truth that she for so long was forced to repress.

Your Justice Department has stood boldly for transgender people and for that I am grateful. On May 9, 2016, Attorney General Lynch and Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta spoke directly to our community and in defense not just of our rights but of our dignity as human beings. AAG Gupta poignantly proclaimed the simple truth that Transgender men are menthey live, work and study as men. Transgender women are womenthey live, work and study as women. But Chelsea Manning, a woman, has been held in a mens facility since her arrest in 2010 and your same Justice Department has been fighting to deny her the basic dignity of being treated as the woman that she is while incarcerated. Why does she lose her womanhood? And how can we expect her to survive in the face of such unrelenting violence and erasure?

This Sunday, November 20, Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), I will travel to the Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, to visit with Chelsea and give her my love and support. My greatest fear is that next TDOR or one in the coming years, we will be mourning Chelseas death.

I will never stop fighting for Chelsea and my transgender siblings. When I talk to my four year-old about justice, we talk about what it means that Chelsea is locked away and unable to see, touch and share time with her friends and family. We speak about her bravery. She is a hero to my family and to so many people around the world.

Six and a half years is enough. She is in pain. She is afraid.

Please commute her sentence.

Very truly yours,

Chase Strangio


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President Obama, Please Save Chelsea Manning chase strangio …

US whistle-blower Chelsea Manning granted work visa, will …

Primary school teachers and principals could hold a second national strike next term after rejecting the Government’s latest pay offer of three per cent a year for most of them.

A secret online ballot on the offer for NZEI members closed last night and the union says they resoundingly rejected the Governments latest collective agreement offers.

Tracey Martin says she hopes the NZEI and Ministry of Education will get back to the negotiating table. Source: 1 NEWS

NZEI President Lynda Stuart said members had sent a clear message that the offers did not address concerns about the growing teacher shortage, time to teach and support for children with additional learning needs.

“Teachers and principals are saying that they are disappointed by the Government’s failure to deliver and they are resolute in their determination,” Mrs Stuart said.

“Now we have the ballot result, the next step is in members’ hands. They are discussing this online and in conversations in their workplaces,” she said.

“At the NZEI Te Riu Roa Annual Conference at the end of this week, representatives will consider the compiled feedback about potential collective action and will make a recommendation about what we do in Term 4. If further strike action is recommended, all affected members will vote on this early next term.”

Source: Te Karere

The revised offer rejected by primary teachers included a three-year term from the date of settlement and an increase in the base salary scale by three per cent each year.

The NZEI says it included no provisions for reducing workloads or class sizes and no committed funding for supporting children with additional learning needs, such as funding a Special Education Needs Coordinator role in each school.

The Acting Minister of Education released a Draft Disability and Learning Support Plan last week which proposed an in-school Learning Support Coordinator role, but funding is not yet committed, NZEI said.

The revised offer rejected by primary principals included a three percent salary increase each year for principals of schools with more than 100 students.

It included increases of 4.5%+4.5%+4.4% a year for principals of schools with fewer than 100 students.

Again there were no provisions to address workload, NZEI said.

Primary teachers and principals went on strike nationwide on August 15.

Acting Education Minister Tracey Martin says the teachers’ rejection of the latest offer is really disappointing.

“We understand their frustration, but it’s disappointing because we really want to get back together and move forward, we want to move education forward,” she told reporters at Parliament.

Ms Martin says she’s “slightly surprised” by the rejection.

“I mean this offer is a larger offer than all three offers put together that were accepted by the NZEI under the previous government.”

Ms Martin says she hopes the NZEI and Ministry of Education “will get back to the table and work constructively together to try and come to some arrangement”.

National’s Nikki Kaye says the primary teachers’ rejection of a pay offer is really disappointing, but understandable. Source: 1 NEWS

National’s Education spokesperson Nikki Kaye says the teachers’ rejection of an offer a second time is really disappointing, but understandable as the Government has prioritised tertiary students over teachers.

“The Government has put forward a $2.8 billion tertiary package, which is equivalent to giving every teacher in New Zealand a 15 per cent pay rise,” Ms Kaye told reporters.

“So it’s not right that they claim they haven’t got the money. They’ve chosen to spend it on tertiary students instead of teachers,” she said.

“So our advice to the government is they need to step things up. It’s not good for parents and children’slearning to have multiple strikes. This is now the second time there’s been a rejection. We haven’t had primary teachers strikes in 24 years.”

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US whistle-blower Chelsea Manning granted work visa, will …

Chelsea Manning | . is a cunt

Chelsea Manning is a cunt!

For my inaugural cunting I nominate (from across the big pond, from the land of the twats and the home of the cunts) Chelsea Manning. This despicable cunt has announced its intention to run for the U.S. Senate.

For those of you who dont remember this cunt, Chelsea Manning was born Bradley Manning and is a convicted traitor as well as a freak/mistake of nature. While serving in the U.S. Army, this foul, vile, and loathsome creature released sensitive military intelligence to that bastion of free speech and unfiltered information, Wikileaks who of course published it in the name of humanity.

When caught, this maladjusted little cunt plead guilty to 10 felony counts and in the subsequent court martial proceedings was convicted of 17 others. It was sentenced to 35 years in a maximum security military prison where it applied for gender reassignment and of course expected the U.S. taxpayer to foot the bill.

In the U.S. Constitution treason is the only crime that is specifically punishable by death. We should have executed the cunt. And although cruel and unusual punishment is banned by our Constitution we should have taken up the best traditions of our English forbearers and hung, drawn and quartered the filthy cunt. (After all, if it wants gender reassignment and wants the taxpayers to pay for it, the least we could do is accommodate it by chopping off the balls this mistake of nature was born with.)

But noooooooowhat happens? After conviction it served only 7 years before it was pardoned and released by the Community Con Artist. And now not content with trying to destroy us by giving aid and comfort to the enemy, he wants to destroy from within by serving in the Senate.

Of course the libtard/Obamunist/snowflake community is hailing this mistake of nature as a victim and a hero instead of the traitorous little cunt that it is. I for one want to puke!

Dont get me wrong, as a true libertarian I really dont care how you live your life as long as you do no harm to others and leave me alone. If you want to dress like a Welsh Tart (its mother was Welsh) and play sword swallower thats your business. I dont have to like it and sure as hell dont want to see it but heyits your life and I have the right to ignore it and your degeneracy.

But a convicted, traitorous, felonious, mistake of nature serving in the U.S Senateis an affront to all decent human beings everywhereeven if you do fit right in with the rest of the lecherous perverts already serving in the august body of shit.

So with that said I proudly cuntChelsea Fucking Manning!

Nominated by General Cunster

Chelsea Manning is indeed a cunt. A cunt of Mount St Helens proportions.

Because we are subjected to a Liberal media in U.K. this freak has had plenty of airtime.

Its painted as a victim when in fact its a traitor.

Theres no room for niceties when it comes to espionage or national security, when your enemy engages in trench warfare you have to respond accordingly.

This freak along with the cunt Snowden set out Security Services many years. And for what?

You almost couldnt make it up that not only did the traitor have gender realignment surgery paid for by the American Taxpayer, then get a pardon from Obama Barak Cunt but then just to really rub your face in it now wants to stand for Congress.


Nominated by CuntyMcCuntface

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Chelsea Manning | . is a cunt

Reading05: Chelsea Manning John McGuinness

Reading 05: Chelsea Manning

As a committed American, I was and still am startled by the blatant disregard for US National Security that Chelsea Manning displayed with her decision to leak top secret data to WikiLeaks. While I am certainly not of the opinion that whistleblowing is always immoral, I believe that in this specific case, Manning was definitely in the wrong.Furthermore, I find her confession at her court-martial that she did not mean to put anyone at risk and had been dealing with a lot of issues when she decided to make the leaks to be a terrible excuse. Regardless of her intentions or whatever issues she was going through related to her gender dysphoria, the effects of her actions were the same she compromised the safety of Americans and foreign collaborators who were listed in the leaked documents. Such an action is an egregious offense against the interests of the United States and should certainly be punished.

Those who defend Chelsea Manning typically fall into two camps, one of which has a much more rational position than the other. The first camp justifies her actions based mostly on her status as a transgender woman forced to live in the macho environment of the US Military. This position is absurd for the reasons I have already stated.Just because Manning faced significant personal doubts and hardship, it is not okay for her to lash out and endanger the lives of Americans and American collaborators. I certainly do not want to diminish Mannings struggle, but simply being a transgender does not give one the privilege to blatantly break the law.

The second pro-Manning camp has a stronger position. They argue that the shocking content in some of Mannings leaks made her decision the morally correct thing to do. Regarding with some of the content she leaked, I think (but am still not 100% sure) that I agree with this position. The leak of the videos of the 2007 Baghdad helicopter strike and the 2009 Afghanistan Garani air strike, both of which killed innocent civilians, could potentially be justified in an effort to keep the public informed of US Military actions and thus hold it accountable for such horrors. However, these leaks went much further, and Manning seemed to place no filter whatsoever on what she released. Manning released a trove of more than a quarter of a million documents.There is absolutely no way that she actually read through these documents, and her failure to do so shows a complete lack of responsibility. If Manning had just found and released a few documents she felt the public deserved to see, then her actions could potentially have been justified, but the fact that she just unleashed a trove without reviewing it removes any possibility that she did the right thing, even if it turns out there was no threatening information in the leaks. The fact that the Obama administration was scrambling to protect many people threatened by the info in the leaks going public only makes things worse.

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Reading05: Chelsea Manning John McGuinness

Senate for Chelsea Manning? She says she’s running – CNET

Former soldier Chelsea Manning received Out magazine’s Newsmaker of the Year award last year. Now it looks like she’ll be running for Senate.

It looks like Chelsea Manning, the former US Army soldier who went to prison for passing classified materials to WikiLeaks, wants to head to Capitol Hill as a senator.

The 30-year-old, transgendered Manning, once known as Bradley, filed a statement of candidacy with the Federal Election Commission this week, saying she’ll be running for the US Senate as a Democrat from Maryland.

Along with Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency contractor who caused a global uproar over government surveillance by leaking NSA documents, Manning is perhaps the best-known whistle-blower/leaker of recent years.

The hundreds of thousands of files she handed over to WikiLeaks in 2010 included a graphic video of Iraqis being gunned down during a US helicopter attack in Baghdad. They also included a cache of top secret military documents that came to be known as the Afghan War Diary, and a set of diplomatic cables that led to “Cablegate.”

Last year, Manning, who said she leaked the documents to spark a debate about US military and foreign policy, was offered a spot as a visiting fellow at Harvard University. The school caused an outcry, though, after it rescinded the offer following a protest by CIA Director Mike Pompeo. In September, a profile of Manning in Vogue magazine ran alongside a picture of her in a swimsuit, taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Manning was released from prison in May, after serving seven years of a 35-year sentence and being granted clemency by then President Barack Obama.

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Senate for Chelsea Manning? She says she’s running – CNET