Ecuador to remove Julian Assange’s extra security from …

The president of Ecuador, Lenin Moreno, has ordered the withdrawal of additional security assigned to the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has remained for almost six years.

The move was announced a day after an investigation by the Guardian and Focus Ecuador revealed the country had bankrolled a multimillion-dollar spy operation to protect and support Assange, employing an international security company and undercover agents to monitor his visitors, embassy staff and even the British police.

Over more than five years, Ecuador put at least $5m (3.7m) into a secret intelligence budget that protected him while he had visits from Nigel Farage, members of European nationalist groups and individuals linked to the Kremlin.

Rafael Correa, the then Ecuadorian president who approved of the operation, later defended the security measures as routine and modest.

However, his successor, Moreno, appears to differ in his view. His government said in a statement: The president of the republic, Lenin Moreno, has ordered that any additional security at the Ecuadorian embassy in London be withdrawn immediately.

From now on, it will maintain normal security similar to that of other Ecuadorian embassies.

Moreno has previously described Assanges situation as a stone in his shoe.

Ecuador suspended Assanges communication systems in March after his pointed political comments on Twitter. Assange had tweeted messages challenging Britains accusation that Russia was responsible for the poisoning of a Russian former double agent and his daughter in Salisbury.

Reuters contributed to this report

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Ecuador to remove Julian Assange’s extra security from …

Chelsea Manning says rise of authoritarianism inspired U …

NORTH BETHESDA, Md. Chelsea Manning is no longer living as a transgender woman in a male military prison, serving the lengthiest sentence ever for revealing U.S. government secrets. Shes free to grow out her hair, travel the world, and spend time with whomever she likes.

But a year since former President Barack Obama commuted Mannings 35-year sentence, Americas most famous convicted leaker isnt taking an extended vacation. Far from it: The Oklahoma native has decided to make an unlikely bid for the U.S. Senate in her adopted state of Maryland.

Manning, 30, filed to run in January and has been registered to vote in Maryland since August. She lives in North Bethesda, not far from where she stayed with an aunt while awaiting trial. Her aim is to unseat Sen. Ben Cardin, a 74-year-old Maryland Democrat who is seeking his third Senate term and previously served 10 terms in the U.S. House.

Manning, who also has become an internationally recognized transgender activist, said shes motivated by a desire to fight what she sees as a shadowy surveillance state and a rising tide of nightmarish repression.

The rise of authoritarianism is encroaching in every aspect of life, whether its government or corporate or technological, Manning told The Associated Press during an interview at her home in an upscale apartment tower. On the walls of her barely furnished living room hang Obamas commutation order, and photos of U.S. anarchist Emma Goldman and British playwright Oscar Wilde.

Mannings longshot campaign for the June 26 primary would appear to be one of the more unorthodox U.S. Senate bids in recent memory, and the candidate is operating well outside the partys playbook. She says she doesnt, in fact, even consider herself a Democrat, but is motivated by a desire to shake up establishment Democrats who are caving in to President Donald Trumps administration. She vows she wont run as an independent if her primary bid fails.

Shes certainly got an eye-catching platform: Close prisons and free inmates; eliminate national borders; restructure the criminal justice system; provide universal health care and basic income. The top of her agenda? Abolish the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a federal agency created in 2003 that Manning asserts is preparing for an ethnic cleansing.

Manning ticks off life experiences she believes would make her an effective senator: a stint being homeless in Chicago, her wartime experiences as a U.S. Army intelligence analyst in Iraq even her seven years in prison. She asserts shes got a bigger vision than establishment politicians.

But political analysts suspect the convicted felon is not running to win.

Manning is running as a protest candidate, which has a long lineage in American history, to shine light on American empire, said Daniel Schlozman, a political science professor at Johns Hopkins University. Thats a very different goal, with a very different campaign, than if she wanted to beat Ben Cardin.

Mannings insurgent candidacy thus far has been a decidedly stripped-down affair, with few appearances and a campaign website that just went up. In recent days, she approached an anti-fracking rally in Baltimore almost furtively, keeping to herself for much of the demonstration. But when it was her turn to address the small group, her celebrity status was evident. People who never met her called her by her first name and eagerly took photos.

Manning has acknowledged leaking more than 700,000 military and State Department documents to anti-secrecy site WikiLeaks in 2010. She said her motivation was a desire to spark debate about U.S. foreign policy, and she has been portrayed as both a hero and a traitor.

Known as Bradley Manning at the time of her arrest, she came out as transgender after her 2013 court-martial. She was barred from growing her hair long in prison, and was approved for hormone therapy only after litigation. She spent long stints in solitary confinement, and twice tried to kill herself.

The Pentagon, which has repeatedly declined to discuss Mannings treatment in military prison, is also staying mum about her political ambitions. Democratic Party officials say they have no comment, citing a policy not to weigh in on primaries. Republican operatives are quiet.

In Maryland, a blue state thats home to tens of thousands of federal employees and defense contractors, it appears Mannings main supporters are independents or anti-politics, making them unlikely to coalesce politically. She recently reported contributions of $72,000 on this years first quarterly finance statement, compared with Cardins $336,000.

The candidate has barely made an effort at tapping sources of grassroots enthusiasm outside of activism circles. And its easy to find progressive Democrats who feel her candidacy is just a vehicle to boost her profile.

It feels to me almost like its part of a book tour that this is her moment after being released from prison, said Dana Beyer, a transgender woman who leads the Gender Rights Maryland nonprofit and is a Democratic candidate for state senate. I dont think this is a serious effort.

Manning is indeed working on a book about her dramatic life. For now, she says she supports herself with income from speaking engagements. Shes spoken at various U.S. colleges and is due to take the stage at a Montreal conference later this month.

Last week, she appeared at a tech conference in Germanys capital of Berlin, arriving to cheers from the audience of several thousand people. She told attendees shes still struggling to adjust to life after prison and hasnt gotten used to her celebrity status yet.

Theres been a kind of cult of personality that is really intimidating and that is overwhelming for me, she said in Berlin.

At her Maryland apartment, Manning told the AP she occasionally wakes up panicked that shes back in the cage in Kuwait where she was first jailed, or incarcerated at the Marine base at Quantico, Virginia, where a U.N. official concluded shed been subjected to cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. She works hard to overcome anxiety, centering herself with yoga, breathing exercises, and reading.

Ive been out for almost a year now and its becoming increasingly clear to me just how deep the wounds are, she said in her Spartan living room.

Asked how she would define success, Manning responded with passionate intensity: Success for me is survival.


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5 Common Encryption Algorithms and the Unbreakables of the …

Mchten Sie diesen Beitrag in Deutsch zu lesen? Lesen Sie die Deutsch-Version hier.

While security is an afterthought for many PC users, its a major priority for businesses of any size. It has to be when the Ponemon Institute tells us that security breaches are costing companies millions every year.

Even if you dont have millions to lose, protecting what you do have should be a high priority.

There are several forms of security technology available, but encryption is one that everyday computer users should know about.

Encryption is an interesting piece of technology that works by scrambling data so it is unreadable by unintended parties. Lets take a look at how it works with the email-friendly software PGP (or GPG for you open source people).

Say I want to send you a private message, so I encrypt it using either one of these programs. Heres the message:


Once encrypted, the message literally becomes a jumbled mess of random characters. But, equipped with the secret passcode I text you, you can decrypt it and find the original message.

Come on over for hot dogs and soda!

Whether its in transit like our hot dog party email or resting on your hard drive, encryption works to keep prying eyes out of your business even if they happen to somehow gain access to your network or system.If you want to learn more about how encryption helps protect business data,you can read our article on how encryption aids cloud security.

The technology comes in many forms, with key size and strength generally being the biggest differences in one variety from the next.

Triple DES was designed to replace the original Data Encryption Standard (DES) algorithm, which hackers eventually learned to defeat with relative ease. At one time, Triple DES was the recommended standard and the most widely used symmetric algorithm in the industry.

Triple DES uses three individual keys with 56 bits each. The total key length adds up to 168 bits, but experts would argue that 112-bits in key strength is more like it.

Despite slowly being phased out, Triple DES still manages to make a dependable hardware encryption solution for financial services and other industries.

RSA is a public-key encryption algorithm and the standard for encrypting data sent over the internet. It also happens to be one of the methods used in our PGP and GPG programs.

Unlike Triple DES, RSA is considered an asymmetric algorithm due to its use of a pair of keys. Youve got your public key, which is what we use to encrypt our message, and a private key to decrypt it. The result of RSA encryption is a huge batch of mumbo jumbo that takes attackers quite a bit of time and processing power to break.

Blowfish is yet another algorithm designed to replace DES. This symmetric cipher splits messages into blocks of 64 bits and encrypts them individually.

Blowfish is known for both its tremendous speed and overall effectiveness as many claim that it has never been defeated. Meanwhile, vendors have taken full advantage of its free availability in the public domain.

Blowfish can be found in software categories ranging from e-commerce platforms for securing payments to password management tools, where it used to protect passwords. Its definitely one of the more flexible encryption methods available.

Computer security expert Bruce Schneier is the mastermind behind Blowfish and its successor Twofish. Keys used in this algorithm may be up to 256 bits in length and as a symmetric technique, only one key is needed.

Twofish is regarded as one of the fastest of its kind, and ideal for use in both hardware and software environments. Like Blowfish, Twofish is freely available to anyone who wants to use it. As a result, youll find it bundled in encryption programs such as PhotoEncrypt, GPG, and the popular open source software TrueCrypt.

The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is the algorithm trusted as the standard by the U.S. Government and numerous organizations.

Although it is extremely efficient in 128-bit form, AES also uses keys of 192 and 256 bits for heavy duty encryption purposes.

AES is largely considered impervious to all attacks, with the exception of brute force, which attempts to decipher messages using all possible combinations in the 128, 192, or 256-bit cipher. Still, security experts believe that AES will eventually be hailed the de facto standard for encrypting data in the private sector.

Cyber attacks are constantly evolving, so security specialists must stay busy in the lab concocting new schemes to keep them at bay. Expert observers are hopeful that a new method called Honey Encryption will deter hackers by serving up fake data for every incorrect guess of the key code. This unique approach not only slows attackers down, but potentially buries the correct key in a haystack of false hopes. Then there are emerging methods like quantum key distribution, which shares keys embedded in photons over fiber optic, that might have viability now and many years into the future as well.

Whether its protecting your email communications or stored data, some type of encryption should be included in your lineup of security tools. Successful attacks on victims like Target show that its not 100 percent bulletproof, but without it, youre offering up convenient access to your data. Find some tools that give you a piece of mind and stick with em!

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5 Common Encryption Algorithms and the Unbreakables of the …

Cryptocurrency Communities Just Cant Get Along

If theres one thing that rival cryptocurrency factions can agree on, its their mutual dislike of one other. Everything else is up for debate, and not calm, reasonable debate, but the sort of fevered in-fighting that makes the crypto community resemble an unruly rabble. This internecine squabbling has arguably done more to hinder cryptocurrency adoption than any external threat.

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Ripple supporters squabbling with Dogecoin diehards; Bitcoin Core and Cash maximalists constantly sniping; Vergelets lashing out against everyone; IOTA being IOTA. Its easy to forget, amidst all the hullabaloo and name-calling, that were all on the same side. Crypto communities have more that unites them than divides them, and yet you wouldnt think so at times.

Humans have been falling out with fellow humans ever since the Garden of Eden (replace the serpent with Segwit and the forbidden fruit with Lightning to complete the analogy). Religious factions (or forks) have been attacking one another for centuries over slight ideological differences, and on crypto Twitter its much the same.

Last week, Jackson Palmer expressed his frustration at constant attacks from Ripple supporters over XRP data on his Arewedecentralizedyet site. Such attacks are by no means isolated, and Ripple is certainly not the only community to face such charges. Crypto would be boring if everyone always got on, and differences of opinion were settled by courteous fedora tipping. One of the reasons why altcoin communities bicker is because their members are so passionate about crypto, but this zealotry risks alienating newcomers.

In Divided We Fail: The Irrational Insanity of Crypto Tribalism Kent Barton writes: Were all part of the same technological revolution. Yet here we are, wasting precious time and energy attacking ourselvestribal thinking will do nothing to make the world a better and freer place. Its only beneficiaries are the centralized entities we seek to disintermediate. Thats not to say that detractors cant call Ripple a centralized security or Tron shitcoin vaporware if they want to: the beauty of crypto is that nobody can tell you what do do.

You get to control your keys, your crypto, and the conversations you have with your fellow coiners. You can be insightful, funny, a jerk or a combination of all three. But if youre constantly bashing other cryptocurrencies, or attacking anyone who criticizes your own, maybe its time to step away from the keyboard for a moment and remind yourself of why you got into cryptocurrency in the first place. Its not crypto vs crypto: its crypto vs the rest of the world. Win the battle for mass adoption and therell be plenty of time afterwards for squabbling over scalability.

Do you think crypto communities are too divisive, and does in-fighting deter onlookers?Let us know in the comments section below.

Images courtesy of Shutterstock, and Twitter.

This is an Op-ed article. The opinions expressed in this article are the authors own. does not endorse nor support views, opinions or conclusions drawn in this post. is not responsible for or liable for any content, accuracy or quality within the Op-ed article. Readers should do their own due diligence before taking any actions related to the content. is not responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with the use of or reliance on any information in this Op-ed article.

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Cryptocurrency Communities Just Cant Get Along

CoinLib – Cryptocurrency prices now


Mkt Cap$167.75BVolume$4.98B

Mkt Cap$80.87BVolume$1.64B

Mkt Cap$35.80BVolume$595.50M

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Mkt Cap$710.83MVolume$1.28M

Mkt Cap$718.31MVolume$414K

Mkt Cap$649.76MVolume$37.93M

Mkt Cap$637.22MVolume$7.45M

Mkt Cap$606.96MVolume$43.37M

Mkt Cap$591.56MVolume$22.89M

Mkt Cap$580.45MVolume$76.04M

Mkt Cap$562.35MVolume$40.82M

Mkt Cap$536.38MVolume$17.89M

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Bitcoin millionaire Erik Finman on new cryptocurrency …

Erik Finman dropped out of school at age 15 to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. Now, he’s a bitcoin multimillionaire. Finman

19-year-old Erik Finman made headlines last year when the value of his bitcoin holdings hit the $1 million mark meaning he won a bet with his parents and didn’t have to go to college.

Now, thanks to the recent surge in the cryptocurrency markets, Finman’s personal bitcoin hoard is worth about $4 million, even after the slump of the last few weeks. And he’s diversified into other cryptocurrencies, as well as more traditional investment vehicles he’s even started a 401(k) retirement account.

And yet, Finman is disappointed with the state of cryptocurrency, he tells Business Insider. The cryptocurrency boom has brought with it an upswing in scams and dirty dealings. And the bitcoin community, in particular, is too caught up in its own self-interests to modernize the underlying technology so that it can deal with the increasing crush of users, he says.

He refers to the larger cryptocurrency market as “corrupt,” and says that it’s led to most cryptocurrencies serving more as an asset, like gold, rather than a politics-free replacement for money, which was the original idea. He suggests that the first wave of digital tokens might be about to buckle under its own weight paving the way for something new.

“You’re seeing the first generation [of cryptocurrency] live and probably die,” says Finman.

Finman’s next project is bringing on that next generation. He tells us that he’s been flying around the world, recruiting a “consortium” of fellow bitcoin millionaires around the world (he says that they call themselves ‘”bitcoin whales”), from Dubai to San Francisco. And within the next few months, Finman says, they’re going to debut their master plan for a new cryptocurrency.

The technical details will be revealed down the line, says Finman. The big idea, though, is that Finman says this new cryptocurrency will be everything bitcoin currently is not:

These solutions are easier said than done, according to cryptocurrency experts. These problems are well-recognized in the cryptocurrency world, but many view them as inherent limitations of blockchain, the technology underpinning bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The problems are solvable, but require middlemen like banks to centralize pieces of the underlying infrastructure, streamlining the process. That, in turn, undercuts what Finman sees as the “beauty of cryptocurrency”: It’s decentralized, not under the control of banks or governments, theoretically freeing it from political interference.

There have been efforts to thread that needle. Notably, bitcoin cash, a cryptocurrency that split from the main bitcoin community late last year, has hyped itself as offering low-cost, high-speed transactions. But Finman is skeptical of their approach, fearing that the currency is too beholden to the past (and past grudges) to make a real difference.

“I just don’t know they’re the people to do it,” says Finman.

BI Intelligence

And yet, Finman says, “cryptocurrency is here to stay.” Which is why Finman’s consortium of whales wants to step back and rethink the whole thing.

They were early adopters to bitcoin Finman met many of them on message boards after buying his first bitcoin at age 12, when it was $12 a coin and they were very much alone in their faith in cryptocurrency. Finman says that those other investors prefer to maintain their privacy; his high profile in the press made him the natural face of the project, he says.

That long experience gives the consortium both an acute sense of the shortcomings of bitcoin, as well as lots of ideas for how it can improve, Finman says. Similarly, Finman says that he has a certain degree of credibility as an early believer in cryptocurrency.

Finman is maintaining his considerable investments in existing cryptocurrency, out of his belief in the concept, if not the execution. But he predicts that amid all the drama, there will be a better cryptocurrency out there, built either by his consortium or someone else. And he says that the benefits of that new cryptocurrency will be so obvious, it won’t even require consideration.

“As soon as there’s something better, I’ll move over,” says Finman.

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The ballad of Pammy and Julian Assange – her poor …

What a priceless image adorns the current edition of the Hollywood Reporter, featuring former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson vamping it up to the max. Meeting the cameras gaze slightly uncertainly, his arms wrapped awkwardly around her waist, is WikiLeaks emperor Julian Assange. It is a comic masterpiece, which can only be captioned: When ur girlfriends boyfriend plays centre back for Marseille.

The pair, you may recall, are closefriends, and this week Pamela grants the magazine an interview in her home town of Marseille (she lives with French footballer Adil Rami.) The chat is accompanied byashot taken by David LaChapelle in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, in which Julian has voluntarily secluded himself for thepast six years.

First impressions? Well, I suppose its one way to torpedo your no sunlight defence. Hats off to LaChapelle for making it look as though the embassy contains a synthetic sun slightly more powerful than the real one. It was only earlier this year, you might recall, that three doctors penned an article for this newspaper bemoaning Assanges lack of access to proper medical care. Although it is possible for clinicians to visit him in the embassy, this ran, most doctors are reluctant to do so. Perhaps its because hes on the run from the law? Still, the idea he cant find a bent doctor in Knightsbridge is arguably the biggest joke of all. Theres barely anything else, apart from petrochemical mistresses and half the Candy brothers.

Anyway, looking at our two principals, there is a real TV guide feel to this image. Julian and Pamela resemble lead actors in a $10m-an-episode TV show about a Promethean tech boss. Actually, Im not even sure we need to bother developing a new format here. Lets just call it Westworld: Series 7. I love how this show continues to raise unsettling questions.

On the nature of her relationship with Assange, Pamela declines to be fully drawn. Ditto the rumours that she is dating occasional WikiLeaks source Vladimir Putin. What she will say of Assange is that he talks to her about everything. Its not just about politics, she says, even though I do take a lot of notes and its so overwhelming, the information he gives me. Pammy goes on to say that one of the things he talks to her about is the Bible.

I bet he does. Picture the full John Lithgow in Footloose, only if the character never had a learning curve. Ariel needs to stop dancing with this no-good out-of-towner, and Pamela needs to bin Adil. Its all there in thebig book, if only you have the source codes. (Incredible, really, that Julians yet to start his own religion except I suppose hehas in a way, with the Assange bros, who I always look forward to hearing from. Some of the remote threats of violence those guys dish out make you weep for the missed recruiting opportunities. They would be incredible US drone pilots.)

Anyway, back to the Pamela interview. Without wishing to lose you with technical publishing industry argot, it is a study in the absolute wank people will write in magazines. Somehow, punts the writer, while nobody was looking, Pamela Anderson found herself at the centre of the geopolitical universe. I dont think you should even dignify that one with an eyeroll emoji. Even less successful are the attempts to conjure up what we might call la magique of la France. In the morning, we learn of Pamelas tres ordinaire routine, she might make a trip to le petit marche with her vegan grocery list in hand, then perhaps take a boat ride from Cassis to Calanques. Perhaps.

Both interviewer and Pamela are at pains to stress how far she has come. Back in the day, Pamela reveals, she was once paid $500 to attend a party for Donald Trump. And now, well she was invited to hand Putin flowers at his most recent inauguration or I speak at Vladivostok at the economic conference about green energy and a green economy. Plus a change, you might say unless you were the interviewer, who misses the sole justifiable opportunity to wheel out a French cliche.

Given that she is in an uncategorised form of liaison with Assange, a man who has twice been accused of sexual offences, Pamelas thoughts on the #MeToo movement are naturally sought. In summary, it seems to have been the womens fault for not having a Spidey sense about what was about to happen to them in the various rooms. Dont go in that room or if you go in the room, get that role.

The chief point of the chat with the Hollywood Reporter, however, seems to be to raise awareness of Assanges current plight. In March, the Ecuadorians cut Assanges internet, in a thinly disguised bid to get him to do one. He and Pamela havent spoken since.

Over to the interview: Hes cut off from everybody, Pamela says, afrantic note creeping into her voice. The air and light quality [at the embassy] is terrible because he cant keep his windows open and he cant get any sunlight. Even prisoners can go outside, but he cant. Im always bringing him vegan food, but he eats very simply. I talked to him on the phone the day [his internet] was shut off. He sent me an urgent call. And now, nothing. (Remember, kids: he can walk out at any time.)

Incidentally, I often wonder if Pamela and Julian is a case of life imitating high art. As fellow doctoral completists will know, there is an episode of Baywatch set at Seaworld that deals with many similar issues. Pamelas character the legendary CJ Parker finds a sea lion who has been injured by hunters. She forms an intense bond with the creature, nurses and cares for him in seclusion at Seaworld until the moment he must be released from captivity. CJ is very sad about this but she says she knows that the sea lion would be happy, because the bad fishermen who hunted him were now in jail. As he departs, he honks back at her, as if to say, yes, that was precisely the logical place Id got to on the matter, as opposed to: I was only interested in you for the fish.

If only justice could be similarly served on the bad men who made Julian skip bail to avoid answering sexual assault claims (since dropped by the Swedish prosecutor because his evasions meant the investigation could go no further). Hes been wrongly accused of so many things, is Pamelas take. But this is a way of keeping him down and keeping him ineffective. Hes just ruffling the feathers of people that are powerful. I always try to humanise him because people think hes a robot or hes a computer screen or hes not this human being.

But the crowning glory of this characterisation the tinsel on the incel, if you will is the idea that Assange is being denied some kind of movie stardom, because well, because Hillary. Hes so misunderstood, she continues, especially in Hollywood, and really hated, because of the Clinton monopoly on the media.

In one sense, you have to salute Pamela and Julians ability to keep things as sweet as they have. These kinds of relationships are difficult. I read only this week that Charles Bronsons marriage to a former soap actress 30-odd years his junior was on the rocks.

I wonder what went wrong? Is the problem that Bronson is Britains most violent inmate, currently serving a serially extended stretch at HMP Frankland, who recently endangered his parole chances by stripping off, smearing himself in butter, and challenging guards to a fight? Or is it something less specific, like she loves him but shes not IN love with him, or some people grow together but she feels as if theyre growing apart?

Who knows. Lets hope Julian and Pamelas bond is not similarly sundered. Occasionally, our misunderstood sea lion appears on the embassy balcony to honk mournfully about this or that he misgendered Chelsea Manning last year, for instance, on her day of release from actual prison for giving WikiLeaks information. But with Pamelas help, perhaps real freedom is a possibility, and our slippery mammal can one day flap out into the welcoming waters of Knightsbridge for good.

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The Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks

1. What is WikiLeaks?

WikiLeaks is a non-profit organization created to protect whistleblowers andjournalistswho have sensitive materials to communicate to the public. They believe that transparent governments leads to better governments and less corruption. Led by Australian, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks was started 10 years ago with the goal of “opening governments” to help prevent criminal corruption. No information is leaked that could harm innocent civilians or those not involved in corruption.

2. Can we believeWikiLeaks?

In short, yes. In its 10 year history, not one singleleak has ever proven tobe false, something WikiLeaks prides itself on. If the leaks were false,everyone implicated in them would have immediately and aggressively denied their claims rather than simplychange the subject in speculating if Russia did it. For more hard proof within the emails, readthis source.

3. Is WikiLeaks related to Wikipedia?

No. Wikipedia can be edited by anyone, WikiLeaks cannot. The only thing they share in common are their first 4 letters. According to their website, “WikiLeaks combines the protection and anonymity of cutting-edge cryptographic technologies with the comfortable presentation style of Wikipedia, although the two are not otherwise related.”

4. Why are they only going after Hillary Clinton?

10 years ago, WikiLeaks became famous for exposing elements of the Bush administration and the Iraq wars, and quickly became heroes to the left. This year, Hillary Clintonis being exposed because of the unprecedentedlevels of corruption throughout her history. Julian Assange, who is not necessarily pro-Trump,has stated thatif any controversial Trump material is found, it will be published. However, everything controversial they have has already been said by Trump himself, according to Assange.

5. Why is the media barely covering them?

Because almost 100% of mainstream media sources, as well as several prominent publishing news sources are implicated in the leaks in colluding with the Clinton campaign. These “news” sources (as you will find in the leaks below) have conspired to get Hillary elected, by only reporting anti-Trump smear pieces, manufacturing or exaggerating scandals, and hiding anything damaging to Hillary. Most are even donating big money to the Clinton campaign in order to keep the globalist status-quo. These revelations are the stories journalists dream of, butCNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NewYork Times, Washington Post, Politico, Huffington Post, AP, and several more are all implicated in the leaks. This is why the media has been so one sided this election season, and why only 6% of people trust the mainstream media. Trump hasn’t helped with some past comments, but as CNN said here, the media is doing everything they can to help Hillary and give her a free ride.

6. Is Russia behind the leaks?

Despite Hillary stating at the third debatethat 17 intelligence agencies have said Russia is behind it, there is no proof that Russia is responsible for these leaks against her and the DNC. In fact, even Politico (who has been implicated in these leaks several times with Glenn Thrush) gave her claim a negative fact-check. There is no definitive proof, even from Hillary, only theories that it “could” be Russia. The reason for this constant claim by the media (as if it is 100% truth) is to pivot away from what is actually in the damning leaks and get your attention onto “evil” Russia. This immature approach by Hillary and the media, in conjunction with other recent foreign policy blunders, has led to extremely increased levels of tension with Russia, not seen since the Cold War.Julian Assange has strongly indicated that insiders in the DNC and US government are responsible for the leaks, including hinting at one DNC insider who was killed shortly after the DNC leaks. Regardless of who the hacker is, it does not take away from the validity of what is actually in the leaks.

The rest is here:
The Top 100 Most Damaging WikiLeaks

Chelsea Manning: We Got This –

Almost one year has passed since Chelsea Manning was released from the U.S Army prison at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Manning, the most famous Army whistleblower, served seven years of a 35-year sentence for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified records about the American wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The day after receiving that sentence in 2014, she released a statement that read in part: As I transition into this next phase of my life, I want everyone to know the real me. I am Chelsea Manning. I am a female. President Barack Obama commuted her sentence before he left office, and she has not wasted any time, announcing a run for the U.S. Senate seat in Maryland.

Appearing on the Democracy Now! news hour, she talked about her newfound freedom: Its overwhelming. I wake up some days, and Im not sure that this is actually happening. Im seeing more and more of the world and how its become the world I feared a decade ago.

These were real people in real places, not just dots on a map, she said. These are peoples lives and emotions. Were in their home I couldnt separate my work from my emotions anymore.

A decade ago she was known as Pvt. Bradley Manning, working as an Army intelligence analyst in Iraq, where she had a front-row seat to the war: These were real people in real places, not just dots on a map, she said. These are peoples lives and emotions. Were in their home I couldnt separate my work from my emotions anymore.

Manning continued: I went to my housing unit at night, and I couldnt sleep. I would look at the news it was almost like a glossing over of what had happened in Iraq, what I was seeing on the ground I was very worried about that disconnect.

Chelsea Manning amassed a trove of hundreds of thousands of classified, digital records of the U.S. wars: field reports from soldiers detailing everything from thousands of civilian deaths to torture and summary executions, along with thousands of diplomatic cables. After encountering technical hurdles in getting the material to both The Washington Post and The New York Times, she turned to what was at the time a little-known website designed to securely and anonymously receive leaked documents: WikiLeaks.

On April 5, 2010, WikiLeaks released the first of Chelsea Mannings leaks: a grainy video called Collateral Murder. The video was shot from the onboard camera of an Apache helicopter gunship, and captured the helicopters attack on a group of civilians on the ground in Baghdad, as the soldiers laughed and cursed. All 12 men were killed, including videographer Namir Noor-Eldeen and Saeed Chmagh, two employees of the Reuters news agency. Manning said of the Collateral Murder video, on Democracy Now!: This is not unusual. This is not a freak incident. This is what war is.

More leaks followed, with many of the worlds most prominent newspapers and magazines partnering with WikiLeaks to produce scores of in-depth, impactful stories based on the leaks.

Manning had confided details of the leak to someone via an online chat, and that person reported her to U.S. authorities. She was arrested, beginning an ordeal of imprisonment and military prosecution that the U.N. special rapporteur on torture, Juan Mendez, said constituted cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment that could constitute torture.

Manning was held in a cage in Kuwait, then moved to a Navy brig in Quantico, Virginia, where she continued to be held in solitary confinement. She described solitary as a practice that needs to be ended everywhere. Nothing justifies doing this to any human being.

Cardin has been in Maryland politics for 40 years, she says. Hes been behind a desk that whole time. What experience can he bring to the table? I have life experience. Ive been homeless. Ive been to prison. Ive been to war.

In prison, she fought for trans rights, suing officials for access to hormone treatments. In 2016, she wrote a letter to President Obama from the all-male prison at Fort Leavenworth where she was being held, appealing for a commutation of her sentence. I am merely asking for a first chance to live my life, she wrote, as the person I was born to be.

Chelsea Manning is now embarking on that life. Part of that is running in the June primary against Sen. Ben Cardin to be the Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate. Cardin has been in Maryland politics for 40 years, she says. Hes been behind a desk that whole time. What experience can he bring to the table? I have life experience. Ive been homeless. Ive been to prison. Ive been to war.

Reform is not in her vocabulary. Manning is calling for the abolition of prisons, the elimination of Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Customs and Border Protection, for universal health care and more. We need to start pushing back. And the way we do that is by focusing on the systemic problems, she said.

Chelsea Manning ended her first campaign video last January with the hashtag that has come to signify her optimism and determination: #WeGotThis.

Read more from the original source:
Chelsea Manning: We Got This –

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